1. It is forbidden to get into the go-kart without a helmet.
  2. It is forbidden to drive the go-kart while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs which effect on the reaction. It is forbidden to drive the go-kart for pregnant women, for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, and etc.
  3. Long hair must be hidden under the helmet or clothing. All items of clothing that can interfere with the driving should be removed. Remove from the pockets hard and sharp things.
  4. Planting / landing of legs can be placed only on the frame or the «floor» of go-karts. It is forbidden to place it on seats, fairings, bumpers and etc.
  5. Do not press the gas and brake pedals simultaneously,it overloads the engine and the clutch.
  6. Do not touch the engine, it is fraught with burns.
  7. It is forbidden to drive in the opposite direction.
  8. Any contact fight is prohibited. In any way, you can not interfere with a faster go-kart. You cannot intentionally create dangerous situations on the track. You cannot drive the gokart with one hand. The left leg should be on the brake pedal while driving.
  9. If you have an accident and go-kart cannot be returned to the track by its own, do not leave it and do not press on the gas pedal. Also, do not attempt to pull the go-kart, pushing your feet off the ground and from the fence. Instead of doing it, raise your hand and wait for the help of track's co-workers.
  10. Unquestioningly follow the instructions of track's co-workers.
  11. When the finish of arrival is given, in advance, reduce your speed at move go-kart to the pit lane. Do not park go-kart at high speed with extreme braking. Get out of the go-kart only when the mechanic turn off the engine.
  12. Injuries while driving go-karts appear very rare. However, if after a hard collision you feel that you "is not all right," don't leave the go-kart by yourself, ask someone for help.

Safety remedies

From the possible accidents the head of the young pilot is protected by a helmet.

Neck is protected by the device from a dense material, resembling a horseshoe. It should be between the helmet and shoulders and it reduces the load on the cervical vertebrae upon impact, which can get a go-karts from the back and the side.

In addition, there is a special karting overalls made of non-combustible materials and the main part - the so-called ribs protection - a protective vest that protects ribs against overloads. It made from a dense material, but soft inside, and looks like two or three shell, fastened with a rubber together. This vest protects not only the ribs, but also the spine of a pilot. Protection of the knees resembles similar devices for volleyball. They are attached to the inner side of the shin - impact protection of the steering column.

You cannot participate in the race in shorts and a T-shirts, because small stones on the road can cause abrasions and bruises. The coup in this kind of karting almost impossible because of the characteristics of the driver's position and the special body kit that protects the wheel. Children of 5-6 years old already can drive the small go-karts. These go-karts are distinguished by a small frame and engine capacity of 5.5 hp, which allows maximum speed of 60 km / h.