Driving since childhood

Does your child demonstrate a genuine interest in cars and karting? This is very commendable! Karting is not only for fun or entertainment, but also an active way of life, which is so often lacking modern children. Primo is ready to help you in this situation. After all, we have our own karting school in which there are no age restrictions, even for small children. We will teach your child everything that we know.

On the way to records!

We have extensive experience in training young drivers. Our coaches will be able to choose the right way to each child. There  are several options for training regime. You can always choose the most appropriate option for you and your child. In the future, the way to professional sport will be open to young pilots, if he shows a desire. We are always ready to contribute to this because Primo team is sincerely interested in the development of Russian motorsport. At the same time we would like to draw attention to the fact that karting is the first step to the top of the great sporting achievements, absolutely all the great pilots started with it.

Karting is for the overall development

Let us assume that in the future your child won't become a professional driver. He has to solve it by himself. But at the early ages he has already acquired driving skills, and it is very important. After all, the sooner a person gets behind the wheel, the more experience he gains. Also it is necessary to tell about the culture of driving - these skills should be taught in childhood. In addition, karting classes discipline and teach a sense of responsibility.

Karting is for young talent!