Our track

Primo – it is a modern high-speed go-kart track, the length of which is as much as four meters.

Our infrastructure

Convenient locker rooms, guest parking, security systems, modern park kart racing - it's all about karting Primo

Наша школа

Primo - it is also a private school of karting. Everybody, young and old, will be able to learn all the tricks of this active sport


  • Primo - It is a modern high-speed track
  • Convenient locker rooms, guest parking, security systems, modern map
  • Primo - it is also a private school of karting
  • We are glad to see all indifferent to this kind of sports people
  • Primo - is a variety of sports and corporate events
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Photo Gallery

Was captured fragments from the life of Primo karting in St. Petersburg

  • Гонка G-Drive "24 дня до Ле Мана"

  • Гран-При Автомир 20.04.2016

  • SMP Racing / Газпром-детям февраль 2016

  • Школа картинга 28.11

  • Школа картинга 29.11


What do we offer


Professional trainers

New equipment

Modern cards


Professional asphalt pavement


Enhanced security


All participants are insured

Italian restaurant

You can always perekustit between races

Primo is a new level of karting with modern track and high-quality pro pavement

Primo is a supernova name!

Primo is not just a karting for fun, it is a new standard of entertainment in St. Petersburg, anew level of service and comfort in the leisure industry.

Our track

Primo - it is a modern high-speed go-kart track, the length of which is four meters. The trackis equipped with the latest sports equipment novelties and has the most high-qualitypavement which makes it unique. Our guests are fully able to feel the emotions which realracing cars' pilots feel because the karting in St. Petersburg is the track of the originalconfiguration with a plurality of turns of varying degrees of difficulty. There are straights,doubles, «pins», apexes and chicanes, which are definitely won't keep you stay indifferent.Our track, its width is positioned in such a way that you have the maximum opportunity toovertake an opponent and make the necessary maneuver. We guarantee you the abyss ofpositive emotions, visiting of Primo karting will bring the most pleasant memories.

Our infrastructure

Comfortble locker rooms, guest parking, security systems, modern park of go-karts - it's allabout Primo karting ! 400-meters racing track is located in a closed heated room, whatallows you to enjoy karting any time of the year. The go-kart track is located near the metrostation "Black River" («Chernaya rechka») and it is very comfortable and practical foralmost any city-dweller. If you want to congratulate the winners or just to gather withfriends, Primo karting offers you good restaurant with Italian cousine.

Our karting school

Primo it is also a private school of karting. Anyone who wants: young or adult, will be ableto learn all the tricks of this active sport. Our pride is an upscale coaches who will teach youeverything they know. And we do not make any age restrictions - there are adults' andchildren's groups. It doesn't matter if karting in St. Petersburg is just a hobby for you or youfocus on professional sport ,in our school we help to realize your dreams, achieve goals andchange your life for the better, as the karting sessions alter the character, develop endurance,courage and reaction, teach to make decision quickly and other useful qualities.

Our hospitality

We are sincerely glad to see all the indifferent to this kind of sport people here. Primokarting club does not apply so-called «client» concept because all visitors are our guests,which we seek to surround with care and attention. Karting in St. Petersburg offers morethan just a good time, you can also get a lot of positive emotions by participating in excitingcompetitions, and this offer is not only for beginners and fans of the sport, but also forprofessional drivers, because Primo karting was created by highly qualified specialists inaccordance with all standards and was equipped with all necessary professional things.

Our events

Primo karting is a variety of sport and corporate events. Under the auspices of our club wehold different competitions, there are even special «club days» and anyone can take part inraces in these days. Do you want to arrange a corporate party on our track, celebrate yourbirthday or just have fun with your friends? We will give you such an opportunity - go-kartwill splash out all your emotions, relax your mind, to experience the adrenaline and chargewith positive energy for a long time. And yet - we adhere to a very nice price policy.

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