Everybody goes to karting!


Corporate events have become the norm of our life long time ago. Almost every company regardless of the level and status, orginizes such kind of events. And there are a lot of reasons for corporate parties. As a rule, corporate program is limited to a standard set: to have a meal, to held some simple contests, to listen to the leadership speech. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that employees often try to miss such holidays. Primo club is ready to offer a high quality alternative to such kind of parties. Karting is an extremely exciting and interesting entertainment. Such corporate event definitely will be remembered by all the participants. And it will be remembered from the best side.

Primo karting style party

Karting as a corporate party is adrenaline and release of positive emotions. We will make the whole organization of the party. We have go-karts, comfortable locker rooms, great 400m track, guest parking, technical equipment. Our karting club is located near the center of St. Petersburg, close to the "Black River" metro station. It is very comfortable in terms of transport accessibility. In addition,«Primo» has a cozy Italian restaurant. So, the question about friendly gatherings also has an answer

«Four-wheels» team building

Do not take a corporate karting event only as a fun and encouraging the team of the company for their work. With the help of karting you can really build the team and to improve the atmosphere in the team. In such an event, each employee will be able to demonstrate his/her best qualities that will identify additional resources within the company, and then you can use it the maximum benefit of these resources. Corporate event in Primo easily could be a turning point after which the company will rise to new professional heights.

Primo is a coprporate karting!