How to become a licensed pilot of Primo karting and what are the types of licenses?

There are three types of licenses: "Amateur", "Pro", "Super License".

For to get an “Amateur” license it is necessary to set up a certain time standard what means to show a specific time range. Currently, standards are divided into three categories:

“Amateur” license gives you a permanent 10% discount on sessions, a special price for sessions in the Race Days, as well as the right to participate in our weekly competitions (“Race Week”, “The super-pole”).

For to get “Pro” license it is necessary to participate in the weekly Primo karting races and win prizes. Also, if you have a RAF sports kart license (the category should be not lower than "A" and "D ") you automatically become the owner of "Pro" license. "Pro" license, in addition to the opportunity to participate in our competitions and special prices for sessions in the Race Days, gives you a permanent 20% discount on sessions.

Primo “Super License” is assigned to the pilots who participates in the major Primo competitions, such as the Race of Stars and win prizes. "Super License" gives a permanent 30% discount for sessions. Major events in the Primo karting club will be held regularly, follow our latest news!

If you fit all the requirements and you would like to get Primo licence, please, ask our manager at reception desk to activate this option for you in the system.