Easy Monday Happy hours from 12:00 till the closing of kartingclub-Monday 600,00r
Happy hours Happy hours from 12:00 till 16:00- Tuesday-Friday 600,00r
Every 11th session for free!!!


Birthday at Primo-karting


1 session 600,00r
GRAND-PRIX(Tournament) (5 qualification minutes+ 8 minutes race, max 6 participants) 7200,00r
Additional participant of the tournament 1260,00r
  • This offer applies to all categories of go-karts and relevant with the presence of the customer's card.
  • Does not sum up with other promotions, offers and discounts by the regular customer card.
  • Valid for 5 days before and 5 days after birth.
  • The special price applies to the birthday's guests.


Rent of the track at Primo-karting ( at birthday)


  track+rest zone track
1 hour, on Monday (6 go-karts max) 20000,00r 15000,00r
1 hour, from Tuesday till Thursday (6 go-karts max) 22500,00r 18000,00r
1 hour, from Friday till Sunday and on holidays (6 go-karts max) 25200,00r 20700,00r
  • Prices are relevant with the presence of the customer's card and a document certifying the date of birth.
  • The rest zone is not rented separately from the track.
  • The rental time more than 1 hour includes a set of medals, more than 3 hours includes a set of cups.

Valid untill 31.12.2016г.